LIMS Solution would cater and automate all the Laboratory’s routine manual workflows.

In total 36 Labs are working, one in each district of Punjab province. Out of these 8 Labs for research are working in each Division whereas 28 District level labs had been devolved to respective District. These labs are extending services to the farming community at district level regarding better use of their soil & water resources. The eight labs have the facility of analysis of soil, water, fertilizer, plant tissue etc. and are equipped with modern equipment like HPLC, ICP, GC and Atomic Absorption etc. In addition to the research activities, these labs are extending services to the farming community for efficient use of their soil, water and fertilizer resources. These laboratories are also providing analytical facilities to fertilizer industries and other research institutes.

Price 50 PKR

Soil Sampling Method
For Crops
First Sample 0-6 Inch Depth
Second Sample 6-12 Inch Depth
For Gardens
Third Sample 12-24 Inch Depth
Fourth Sample 24-36 Inch Depth
Fifth Sample 36-48 Inch Depth
Minumum duration 20 Days

Price 100 PKR

Water Sampling Method
Start tubewell 20 mint Before taking sample.
Wash bottle carefully Before taking sample.
Wash bottle with soap or surf Before taking sample.
Minumim water for sampling is 1 Liter.
Minumum duration 5 Days

Price 200 PKR

Fertilizer Sampling Method
Minimum quantity of sample 250 gram, 200 ml
Minumum duration 15 Days