Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd is grown in over an area 5459 hectares, and its production was 51,217 ton.


Bitter gourd skin is bright green in colour, the flesh inside is white, and the seeds are small and tender. The vegetable is ridged, and the skin is pebbly in texture. This vegetable is mostly used as food as well as medicine. The fruit of this plant lives up to its name--its taste is very bitter. Although its seeds, leaves, and vines can be used, the fruit is the safest and most prevalent part of the plant used medicinally. Fresh juice of leaves of bitter gourd is also an effective medicine in early stages of cholera and other types of diarrhoea during summer. Leaf juice is beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism. It has also been reported that bitter gourd may help in the treatment of HIV. The extract of bitter gourd may be effective in slowing the growth or spread of some types of cancer, particularly breast cancer and useful as an anathematic, in jaundice, and piles.





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