Seasmum is centuries old oil providing crop of Punjab which is sown for very short span of time. Its seeds contain more than 50% of good quality edible oil and almost 22% of best type of proteins. That is why it is the best food for both human beings and animals.


Sesamum oil is used in pharmacy. Its oil is also being used in making soap, perfumes, carbon paper and typewriter ribbon. Its oil properties largely resemble with olive oil. By mixing it with other edible oils in the proportion of 5 to 10 percent, we can eat a better quality oil. Moreover, sesamum is also being used in fast food and bakery products which has rapidly increased its demand at national and international level. The cultivation of sesamum costs less than the amount which is earned in account of time and land per unit. For this reason it is considered as a better money making crop. In recent years, the betterment in under cultivation area, gross production and per acre net production has been noticed. The growth of this crop can be further made improved by taking selection of better and proper land, preparation of land and suitable type of sesamum into consideration. For obtaining better production rate, sesamum should be preferably cultivated from June 15 to July 15. Cultivate 1.5 kg to 2 kg per acre healthy and clean seeds in lanes of a good fertile land with the help of drill. For the prevention of root or stem rot and wilt, apply 2 gram per kilogram of fungicide to the seeds before cultivation as per opinion of agriculture extension staff.





For successful cultivation of sesamum, it is very necessary to prevent harmful insects on time. Timely usage of recommended pesticides can save sesamum crop from big loss.

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