Wheat is the prime food source for the people of Pakistan. Pakistan’s land and climate best support the cultivation of wheat that is why it is the most cultivated crop of Pakistan.


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The cultivation of wheat crop has been increased than previous years. Due to the recent population explosion of Pakistan, there is a need to grow as more wheat as possible. In several other countries, the average per acre wheat production is double than our country. In the year 2015-16 there was a decrease in cultivated land of wheat fields due to late ripening of sugarcane and increase of moisture in earth in lower regions. However, the production rate has increased comparatively. This increased production rate is the result of timely cultivation, excessive use of DAPs and better weather condition in March. In order to obtain better results, wheat is ideally cultivated from 1st November to 20th November. According to the research of Extension & Adaptive Research (Department of Agriculture), a decrease in production by 1% per day is generally noticed in the crop cultivated after 20th of November. In our country, the cultivators keep on cultivating the crop till the start of January which leads to deficiency of crop production up to 50%. For this purpose it is highly recommended that the farmers should cultivate wheat on time. Selection of pure, clean, healthy and disease free seeds for cultivation should be the prime concern of farmers. Experts of the department of agriculture have approved some kinds of wheat which should be cultivated on recommended time. Moreover, rate of seed growth should not be less than 85%. Otherwise seed rate should be augmented properly. Good quality seed is available at the depots and dealers of Punjab Seed Corporation. Cultivators should prepare the land before cultivation. The field should be clear and leveled well. Use laser leveler for this purpose.


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Different herbicides and fungicides can be used as per recommendation of department of agriculture.

Weed Control

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Suitable fertilizers should be used according the recommendations of experts of the department of Agriculture.


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