Being a cash bringing crop to the country, sugarcane crop is considered very important for the economy of Pakistan.


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Crop Production Plan 2021-22

With regard of area, sugarcane comes after wheat, cotton and rice. In order to meet the requirement of sugar, production of sugarcane is needed to be increased in order to meet the requirement of sugar due to recent population explosion in the country. Average production rate of sugarcane in Pakistan is lower than rest of the world. That’s why the need of an hour is to produce more sugarcane with the help of advanced technology. Nowadays there are 87 sugar mills in the country. Out of them 46 mills are in Punjab having the capacity of approximately 336,300 tons of sugarcane per day. Production of sugarcane can be rapidly increased in our country, if and only if we abandon the old traditional ways of cultivation and give importance to cultivation of crop types with higher production rate, usage of recommended seed rate, timely cultivation, usage of appropriate fertilizers, well-timed irrigation and prevention of crop diseases, harmful insects and herbs. In the year 2015-16, decrease in the cultivated land area could be seen with the reason that the farmers faced difficulties in selling sugarcane crops during last year so they converted their lands into other crops’ fields. For better production of sugarcane, such land is considered most suitable which has good water drainage but sugarcane can also be cultivated on such light lands where there is an availability of required amount of water. After the harvest of other crops like cotton, merge the remnants of other crops into the land with the help of rotavator or disk hero. Sugarcane is cultivated in spring season from first week of February to mid of March and in September season from 10th of September to 10th of October till the end of the month. Always use healthy and disease and insects free seeds for cultivation. Never place seeds in such fields which has the Ratta rog disease.


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Use different pesticides and herbicides on the advice of experts of the department of agriculture. Otherwise use of inappropriate pesticides can damage the crops.

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