Sunflower is considered an important edible oil producing food. As its seed contains almost 40% of best quality oil so sunflower crop can play an important role in boosting up the edible oil industry of the country.


Pakistan's current population has exceeded tqryba20krur and it is experiencing rapid the growth is happening on the other side of the country edible oil shortage and to the increase in population shortage is exacerbated further growing and growing fats in the diet pydauarbrhty can not meet the requirements. The situation is that Pakistan's total oil requirement tqryba20fysd itself creates the remaining 80 percent being imported multi zrmba sta spent years 2016-17myn 316 billion oil; and oil were a commodity import. Which is a huge burden on the economy. Raya with conventional crops to produce oil in our country, mustard and rapeseed, are second only to cotton in terms of production. Canola or sweet mustard, which is a type of mustard oil quality is much better than the commonly grown mustard if Raya, if the mustard and canola rapeseed cultivation instead May help overcome fuel shortages. Production of canola and mustard oil quality is great than normal. Harmful ingredients in traditional mustard oil are arusk acid and glukusaynulyt in Naturally amounts were used permanently mzrhuskta for human health and the open animals animals sick to undergo regular use in food . And open it in canola oil components are present negligible oil landlord can to earn the best return from cultivation hy.kynula not only can be used in human food and animal feed, but its open the vegetable oil can also fulfill domestic needs.


Recommended types:

Cultivating a good variety of canola is important to get more production. The following different types of canola Department of Agriculture recommended

. 1. Punjab canoe LA

2. Faisal cannula

3. Saws cannula

4. Hayyula 401

5. Rustam cannula

1. Punjab canola: 

This is the first mustard cabbage, canola variety developed at national level has been approved for cultivation in 2009. The harmful components are negligible arusk acid and glukusaynulyt. So Taqwa great benefit to health from the oil. Not only does this type of over-production. But is also immune against heat and cold. This variety can be grown successfully in all districts of Punjab. The average yield per acre from 18 to 20. The maximum output of this type can be obtained from 30 per acres. The amount of oil is 40 to 42 percent. It is open dairy animals may be fed chickens. Usually this type of cooking from 150 to 160 days to be ready for harvesting

2. Faisal canola: 

This is the kind of high-yielding mustard cabbage that has been approved for cultivation in the year 2011. This type has better resistance to disease and can be cultivated successfully in all districts of Punjab. The average yield of 20 to 22 min per acre while the maximum yield 32 min can be achieved per acre is the oil content of 41 to 43 percent of its oil and equivalent harmful ingredients not arusk acid and glukusaynulyt open this type There are. It is open for dairy animals may be fed chickens. Usually this type of cooking from 150 to 160 days to be ready for harvesting.

 3. Ary canola: 

It has been approved for cultivation in the first type of the cannula of the Raya on the local level in the history of Pakistan, 2016. This type corresponds to the local weather and rain in parts of canola can be cultivated successfully Raya Group. Hazardous components are negligible arusk acid and glukusaynulyt. The oil is beneficial for the health of this kind is not only pick up in less time, but also has higher production and type to mixed cultivation hy.kmad its resistance to heat is highly appropriate This variety can be grown successfully in all districts of Punjab. The average yield per acre from 20 to 22. While this type of production can be more than 30 acres mind. The amount of oil is 40 to 42 percent. It is open dairy animals may be fed chickens. Saws been timely cultivation of canola Harvest is ready to pick up to 15 January, is usually protected from this type usually saw 115 attacks canola crop is ripe crop Likes Being Spend less time in 125 days. 

4. Hayyula 401

The ICI Pakistan Limited kynulaqsm mustard cabbage hybrid. Who has the best capacity. This is a tall being protected from fslgrny has better immunity against diseases such as average yields from 25 to 30 per aykrhy. The maximum output of this type can be obtained from 40 per acre. Hazardous components are negligible. The oil is beneficial for health and get it open dairy animals may be fed chickens. This hybrid type can be one hundred in all districts of Punjab. This type is usually prkynula pick up 150 to 160 days.

 5.Rustam canola: 

This Jalandhar kynulaqsm cabbage mustard seed is hybrid corporation that has the best ability to withstand climate change as well as having more capacity. This hybrid type can be one hundred in all districts of Punjab. The average yield for 18 to 20 min, 35 min While the maximum output of this type can be obtained per acre. Usually this type of cooking from 150 to 160 days to be ready for harvesting.

 Seeds supply.

 Recommended types of canola seed sector tyldar commodity, Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Jhang Road, can be obtained from approved dealers.


Time cultivation.

 The harvest is very important to get more crop yields to farmers at the right time. Canola planting time is October through the end of October to the end of October and from mid-September to central and southern Punjab Northern Punjab. Landowners are encouraged Brothers is protected from the canola crop slow Thanks attack prevention of October until the first week of October they completed cultivation Thanks to attack in the first week of February to March for the cultivation of the crop. Crop to be harvested as long as the risk is much greater else attack on him. The decrease in production is a result of late have less time to grow the plants from growing. 

Soil preparation: 

. Canola can be cultivated on the ground almost all the klrathy and Sam hit land. Land before planting should be well prepared. Dual Rhino then be available and sufficient water for better futures are agruqt this herb may also be destroyed. The following factors to be considered good soil preparation. 

الف) وریال زمینوں کی تیاری ۔ 3 - 2 دفعہ ہل چلا کر 2 دفعہ سہاگہ مارا جائے۔
ب) دیگر فصلات کی برداشت کے بعد زمین کی تیاری ۔ 4 - 3 دفعہ ہل چلا کر 2 دفعہ سہاگہ مارا جائے۔
ج) بارانی علاقوں میں زمین کی تیاری اور وتر کی سنبھال ۔ 3 - 2 دفعہ ہل چلا کر 2 دفعہ سہاگہ مارا جائے۔

3. Cultivation method.

 Improve cannula should preferably be cultivated through the drill production lines for acquisition and faslhdyrh feet between rows. The process of cultivation for better futures in the evening. Parameter on the ground should be smooth and uniform in all fields could be harvested cahyyy.kynula the following methods.

In Tar Watar Distance between The rows will be 1.5 feet
Chatta In Moistior soil once in  other side of the width direction of a length in the dust.
Slope The distance between the slope votes Witt rate with --rjr keep half feet
Dry Soil Wet the seed in sack for eight hours then use it for cultivation



Crop diseases and their treatment:

There are different diseases may attack the crop, canola. It could damage the crop and production can also be affected. Therefore it is necessary to remedy them. Canola diseases, following damage and remedy are Following.




skin burns (Alternaria Blight) on plant leaves, branches and trunk we become gray spots in the center circle. After the beans have become spots are holes in the offensive hyn.zyadh disease that appears on the attack. When the harvest is almost made up its seeds according to the weather so we're in the early stages of the disease may attack the crop. Severe attack of the seed becomes shrunken and small, oil production comes from aurbyj is reduced. Before planting the seeds (Nativo) ------- Trifloxistrobin + Tubaconazol) (1 gram bhsab yatapsn M Topsin M Methyle Thiophante) bhsab cultivation set at 2.5 grams per kilogram of seed.The mix of crop disease appear nytyuu Nativo 1.5 grams or 2.5 grams per liter of water spray tapsn The fifteen-day period
 (White Rust)  appear on every part of the white spots of various size plants are the biggest rise since the form of spots are. The flower bad shape and stigmatized usually after or flowers to attack the flowers of the disease is acute not beans flowering in case of attack the spark kindled aurpydauarmtasr initial attack often ryduml Gold Redomil gold (Mancozib + Metalaxal) bhsab 2 . 5 grams per liter in water spray.
Powder mildew (Powdery Mildew)  white powder spots becomes addresses both sides of the January strike and the rest are green areas appear serious disease till krmarc the attack leaves fall is become less stem Gul beans and seeds Tupas Topass (Phenconazol) bhsab 1 gram or car byndazym (Carbendazim) or tapsn M (Topsin - M) 2 bhsab fall krspry found in Umm per liter of water.
Sclerotinia stem rot appear water-soaked spots on the surface of the leaves. The white spots on the leaves and soft umlaym small branches are beginning to be seen that they are dark brown to time. Gill and stem breaks are scattered across the field with the support of germs in the air ripe black that lead to the destruction of the crop  Scores (Score) bhsab 1 ml and karbyndazym (Carbendazim) mlakrspry bhsab 2 ml per liter of water and medicines
 Mustard burns bacterial (Bacterial Rot) Mustard burns bacterial (Bacterial Rot) have the disease and had more than two months early attack on plants in the case of small, wrinkled leaves and dark parts of the ground near the trunk. It takes time and increases with ruffles around the trunk. The vineyard is hollow inside and begins to get liquid like water is the liquid spilled on the ground plant is being undermined smelled like dirty eggs. Burned away the diseased plants in the early stages. Flyyr Flayer (Streptomycine) bhsab 1 gram per liter of water spray can be found And it is wrinkled areas appear dark near the small leaves and stems of the initial attack. It takes time and increases with ruffles around the trunk



Weed Control

Weed Eradication:

when the plants turn four inches to six inches of spacing the plants uprooted plants vulnerable to withdraw four leaves. Control weeds minimum number of plants for each of the first full krlyn.achy production before planting water plants must be 60 thousand per acre. 

Weed Control:

the destruction of herbs to get a good crop production is important. It also preserves the crop diseases and the destruction of herbs to attack by insects hy.mndrjh the following methods can be protected from harvest herbs

Chemical Methods

Non Chemical methods

For spray mix immediately badtrutrmyn 700 to 800 mm lytrdual Gold 120 liters of water per acre to seed to harvest herbal remedy On the first Goody first badutr before applying water to the first and second go-D water. This way herbs are destroyed. The plants get better nutrition and being soft. Development and production of the plants is much better.




Irrigation is the time to become healthier and more seeds and crop production have been hy.kynula need at least three water increases. However, keep in mind the weather conditions for farming irrigation.

First Water A month after the crop grows

Second Water

At leaving flowers
Third Water becomes the seed.



Always check to make fertilizer for the soil fertility should be keeping the soil fertility is very important. The amounts of recommended amount of canola for crop fertilizers are following

Name of Fertilizers


D.A.P 1 and 1/2 Sack Per Acre
Urea 1  Sack Per Acre
Potasiam Sulphate 1  Sack Per Acre

The amount of the media prepare the ground DAP and urea and potassium sulfate is first put in the irrigation areas with water. Flowers out time is kuahazafh in order to produce a solution with irrigation by ten kilograms of sulfur per acre.


Harvesting Time:

Timely harvest is very important to obtain good yields. When they are 50 to 60 percent of the harvest brown beans should krlyny. Most types of canola harvest is ripe at the same time. If you are starting to fall grain harvest will be late. Therefore, timely harvesting canola crop was harvested as needed to get more production krktayy hy.uqt are ready to pick in late March. 


Ghayy seed and Storage:

crop dry in the sun for eight to ten days after the harvest if ghayy ghayy help thrysr poles or later. Teach in the sun for a few more days to store seeds until moisture content of the seeds will be no more than 8%. After drying they store the seeds. Do not mix the seeds of indigenous varieties of canola seed in order to maintain its quality.

 Domestic oil purification method:

 Kuhluya aykspylr copied from canola oil. Thick cloth from the market

2 (filter cloth) or quadratic cross the Triangle bag. 

3 Remove the bags hanging from the four found a strong stand and put the clean dishes down. 

4. Do not take five kilograms of crude oil in frying pan and dixie dixie or to take his hand so warm that dixie placed on the stove or boiling temperature of 85 degrees Celsius, but the oil. 

5 Stir with a spoon until the ground gacny or 150 grams of flour into the hot oil filler Earth for five minutes, then take it off the bottom.

 6. twice put in warm oil filter kuthyly.

 7 Use the oil market is way cheaper than the oil, clean the filth .There will be full aurgzayyt as cooking oil at home. 

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